Welcome to my brand new website! I would like to thank everyone for visiting my various sites over the years, especially anyone who is here for my walkthrough for the bard epic quest. This will be the third web address I have had for that site. I promise that this will be the last!

This site is actually 4 diffrent ones smashed into one. This main area will be for my poser art and whatever else I want to throw in. The three sub-sites are:
Zarai's Epic Journal: This is a walkthrough detaling my expereiences with the Bard epic quest in the game of Everquest. Updates for the 1.5 and 2.0 quest will be along shortly.
Zarai's Musings: This is my online journal for my writing that I choose to share with everyone. Updates will be very unpredictable as I only write when I am inspired to and do not consider everything I have written to be worthy of sharing.
Zarai's Doll: This is my pixel art site. Updates for this site will also be very unpredictable. I haven't had the urge to pixel in quite a while.

I hope you enjoy your stay here, and please remember that comments are always welcome. My contact information is on the about page.

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