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Welcome to Zarai's Musings. This is my site that I plan to share the stories that I have written. The main story that I will be sharing is tentatively called "The Order of Zarai."  I guess while I am on that subject, I should explain a few things about the name. The name of the story came about long before I decided to use Zarai as my online alias. I blame the game Everquest for this =). When I first started playing the game I wanted the name Zarine (which is the name of a character in the story). Unfortunately, the name was rejected by the name filter for reasons unknown to me. The next name I tried was Zarai, and that went through. Since then, I have been known online by this name.

I'd also like to share a little bit of background information on the story while I still have everyone on the main page. The version of the story that is going to be uploaded here first is not the final version. In fact, I am totally rewriting it. The version that will be available here first is something that I wrote during my first two years of high school. I have never been satisfied with it, and have been reworking it in my mind since then. I have what I hope is going to be a wonderful tale all worked out, only needs to be written down. Before this can happen though, I feel that I must put the original story to rest so it will leave me be to tell the story as it was meant to be told.

    On that note, enjoy your stay. Please fell free to email me any comments you have. I'd love to hear them! =)