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The Order of Zarai Rewrite

Fragment 1

Amy stood with the other Seers/Mages and watched the battle below. Despite her earlier conversation with Donovan she still felt as if she was doing nothing to help in the ongoing confrontation. Of course she along with the others here were transferring some of their energy to the Protectors so they could aid their Fighters. It never felt like enough to Amy. The amount she was sharing was nothing compared to what she was capable of. If she shared too much people would start to wonder about her and if that happened it would defeat the purpose of her hiding her true identity. She was growing restless though and knew one day soon she would do something to destroy her cover. It was so hard not to make mistakes, and the ones she did make could only be blamed on her inexperience for so long.

Amy closed her eyes to block out the view of the battle. It only helped to ease her restlessness a little. With her eyes closed she could sense the magic on the battlefield much easier. The balance between light and dark was a delicate one. Today felt very even. The battle would probably end in a draw as it usually did. The Dark would be no closer to breaking through Laysan to reach Earth and the Order of Zarai would be no closer to defeating them.

Suddenly the strength of the darkness near her increased tremendously. Amy opened her eyes just in time to see a Fighter and his Protector fall to the ground at the bottom of the hill. A cry of despair escaped her lips as she ran down to them. Please don’t be dead she chanted silently to herself. She vaguely heard Anthony yelling at her to stop, but she ignored him. Nothing mattered to her now except the two at the bottom of the hill who desperately needed help.

When she reached them she could tell that they were still alive, just unconscious. With that realization came awareness of her surroundings. She had startled a group of Dark soldiers with her actions. One of them advanced on her with his sword at the ready. What would a Seer do in this situation? She hadn’t betrayed her identity yet. There was still time to fix her mistake. A Seer would return to her post and wait for a Fighter to come and take care of the nasty Dark soldiers. Amy backed up slowly and almost tripped over the fallen Fighter’s sword. She reached down to pick it up and held it in front of her. It was heavier than her sword of light, but would serve its purpose. A good Seer wouldn’t even know how to use this. Would probably end up stabbing themselves. Amy sighed and looked downward at her hand that now held the sword. Who am I kidding? I’m having a hard enough time pretending to be a bad Seer.

She smiled sweetly at the enemies surrounding her. She raised the sword in front of her and gave a small salute before falling into a defensive position. She met the Dark soldier’s attack with ease. With a cry of rage he unleashed a barrage of attacks. Amy blocked all of them except the last one. This last attack sent her sword flying. It landed on the ground several feet away out of reach. The soldier grinned evilly and advanced on his opponent.

I’m sorry Donovan was Amy’s last thought before she summoned her true power. There would be no hiding her identity after this. Silvery light surrounded her body, armoring her against harm. The glow around her hands lengthened and solidified into a sword. The sword was one of the many mysteries surrounding Amy’s power. Despite their efforts no other Fighter had been able to solidify energy and light they way she could. If she had been paying attention to anything except the matter at hand, Amy would have heard the silence that permeated the battlefield. All eyes were on a single battle and what had started out as a disobedient Seer’s actions.

Realizing the danger they were now in, three of the Dark soldiers attacked Amy at once while another ran off to get help. She expertly blocked and answered their attacks. (Need to work on battle descriptions.) Before long, the three soldiers lay incapacitated on the ground. Amy never killed her enemies if it could be helped. It wasn’t their fault they lived in a world dominated by an evil dictator.

During the battle, healers had arrived at the side of the Fighter and Protector who had fallen. They were carried away and Amy stood alone at the bottom of the hill. She could see a small group of the Dark army in the distance marching towards the battle site. Amy could feel a portal opening nearby as someone entered Laysan. Donovan stepped through and ran towards Amy. The look on his face was a mixture of anger and concern.

“Donovan, I’m so sorry. I reacted before I could think. I couldn’t see any other way to help them…”

Donovan was at Amy’s side, but did not respond to her apology. He turned to the crowd on the top of the hill. “Everyone needs to leave now!” he shouted. “Move the wounded as quickly as possible.” The Seers opened the gates needed to leave Laysan, and everyone quickly ran through them.

Donovan took Amy’s arm and led her to his still open gate. “Zarine, you need to leave now.”

“Donovan…” she whispered.

“Vincent is coming. He knows you are here. We can’t let him find you. Hurry.”

She allowed him to lead her through the gate. The other side opened into the woods behind her house. While she waited for Donovan to close the gate she braced herself for the scolding she knew was coming. This was not how he had planned for her to re-enter the scene as Zarine. He was of an opinion she could still use some more time to recover.

He turned to her. She seemed fine, but she was very good at pretending to be okay when she was not. “Are you okay? Have you been hurt?”

She blinked. Not What were you thinking? Are you crazy? She wasn’t sure how to respond. “I’m fine,” she stammered. “The Council is going to be angry at both of us now, aren’t they?”

Donovan sighed. “Probably more at me than you at this point. I’m actually being summoned now. They’ll want to know why I’ve been hiding where you’ve been all this time.”

“I’m sorry, I should not have been so impulsive.”

Donovan bushed aside her apology. “It would have happened eventually. I knew the risks I was taking by protecting you. I am prepared to face them.”