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Order of Zarai 2

Fragment 2

The night sky was darker than it had ever been. There were no stars and no moon. But there could be. A single figure walked through the impossibly dark landscape; her only company the faint mist that swirled around her ankles. This world was her playground, and it could be anything she desired it to be. Tonight all she wanted was to be alone and attempt to forget everything that set her apart from her colleagues in the Order. As if I could forget she thought bitterly. The abilities she possessed in Laysan were just one of a hundred different ways she did not fit in.

Of all the members of the Order of Zarai, she was the only one who could physically enter Laysan, the barrier between Earth and the world known as the Dark, the only one who could alter the entire plane of existence to suit her own desires. It was very tempting to create her own little place and hide here forever. But she was flawed. Like most humans, she could not bear the thought of eternal solitude. And she would not walk away from her role in the endless war against the Dark again. She would see it to its end and then worry about being alone.

Off in the distance, another figure walked, observing Zarai’s hope for the future. He yearned to comfort the one whose emotions affected Laysan so much as to hide the light. However, he understood the need she felt to be lonely for this moment. He swore to no one in particular that one day he would make it so she never needed to feel lonely again. But not tonight, tonight he would watch over her and keep her safe.