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Order of Zarai 2

Fragment 3

Stephen spent most of his time of late in the realm of Laysan. It was easier to hide from his father and Xavier here than in Faylon, and there was always the chance he would see the Fighter of Zarai. She spent time in Laysan frequently, always alone. The mood in Laysan always changed when she was near, as if she had control over it. Ever since her confrontation with Stephen’s father, it had been extremely dark and dreary.

Today, Stephen had decided he was finally going to approach her. He walked through the forest he had created in Laysan. He was a shape shifter; controlling Laysan was not much different than changing his appearance. The forest he had created was bright and cheerful. A tree lined path led to a clearing with a peaceful lake. It was Stephen’s hope that the atmosphere would be calming for Zarai’s Fighter. He had decided it was his purpose in life to bring her happiness. It was a better purpose than simply hiding from his father, and attempting to discourage visitors to the castle.

He did not have to wait long until she arrived. He watched from the shadows as she examined the clearing. As always, he was taken aback by her beauty. Her red hair flowed gently in the breeze. She was dressed entirely in black, a stark contrast to the bright surroundings. She chose a large rock near the lake upon which to sit. She stared at the lake, lost in thought. For once she seemed slightly at peace.

Stephen took a deep breath, and stepped out from the shadows into the clearing. There was a snap as his foot landed on a twig. The Fighter was on her feet into an instant. A silver glow enveloped her hand. Stephen chuckled softly. “This is familiar."

Amy relaxed her stance, for once unsure of herself. She had met this man once before in the Dark on her way to Xavier’s castle. He hadn’t been a threat to her then, and judging by his appearance that had not changed.

Stephen hesitated. She seemed to be studying him, trying to decide if he was a threat. After a long moment, she turned away from him and sat back down on her rock. He stepped towards her and spoke softly. “Do you wish to be alone?”

She shrugged her shoulders indifferently and turned back to stare at the lake. “You may stay if that is your desire.”

A log rested a few feet away from the rock. Stephen chose to sit here. Contact made, now what? “I don’t think we had time to introduce ourselves the last time we met. My name is Stephen.”

Amy sighed. “I suppose we didn’t. I am known as Zarine.”

“It is an honor to make your acquaintance.” When she didn’t answer Stephen realized he was going to have to be the driving force behind this conversation. He was determined to break through her shell. “We do not get many visitors from Earth to Faylon. The day we met another group of people passed my way. I think they may have been looking for you. Did they find you?” He already knew the answer of course. He just needed something to get her talking.

Amy finally turned her full attention to her visitor. “Faylon?”

“That’s where I live,” he explained.

Amy absorbed the information. “I suppose it wouldn’t make sense for you to call it the Dark.”

Stephen laughed. “That’s the name the Order of Zarai gave to Faylon?”

Amy tentatively smiled. “It is rather silly. It is nice to have the proper name for it now.” She paused. “And to answer you question, yes they did find me.”

Her smile strengthened his confidence. He reached out to place his hand upon hers. Amy’s smile instantly disappeared. She pulled her hand away quickly. Darkness descended on the clearing just as fast. She stood, and a faint silver light once again enveloped her hand.

Maybe that was pushing it a little bit Stephen chided himself. He stood slowly, trying not to appear dangerous. He tried to take control of Laysan from Zarine, but failed miserably.

Amy felt the strange man’s magic try to control Laysan. This realm is mine she thought angrily to herself. How dare he try to take control away from me.

Stephen saw her anger and tried to plead his case. “I am truly sorry Zarine. I mean no ill will against you.”

As Amy exited the realm of Laysan she left Stephen with a few parting words. “I have no desire to see you again.”
            Laysan returned to the state it had been before Zarine expressed her anger. Stephen sighed. That had not gone well at all. (Idea that I need to explore, but what if Amy had a dream previous to this about herself and Stephen. Would she have misinterpreted it as yet another trap from Xavier and Vincent?)