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Order of Zarai 2

Fragment 9

The silence in the car would have bothered Robert if he hadn’t already been worried about his passenger. Amy hadn’t said a word since healing his brother in the hospital. Healing wasn’t supposed to be part of a Fighter’s skills. Of course half of what Amy did wasn’t part of a Fighter’s skills. She was an enigma to everyone on the Council. They had sent away the only person who seemed to understand her.

It was not long before he pulled the car into the driveway of Anthony’s house. He had been staying there ever since his brother had been hurt. His passenger barely seemed to notice when the car stopped. “Amy,” he said softly.

She jumped a little, startled at the sound of his voice. Her eyes were a little wild, she seemed to be lost somewhere. She blinked a few times and her eyes returned to normal. “I’m sorry,” she said looking away. “I’m fine now.”

Robert moved to put the key back in the ignition. “Maybe we should do this some other time. After you’ve had a chance to rest.”

“No. We may never have this opportunity again.” Amy opened the door to the car and stood outside before Robert could have a chance to object.

He started walking towards the house. “We should be safe inside.”

“Are you that worried about what you need to tell me?” she asked.

Robert grimaced. “We exiled Donovan for a lot less.”

“Then I don’t think Anthony’s house is going to do it.” She held out her hand. “Come with me.” Her demeanor changed. This was Zarine he was dealing with now.

Robert hesitated a moment, but placed his hand and his trust in Zarai’s last hope for the future. The portal to Laysan opened behind her. She took a step backwards pulling him with her. This trip through the portal was different than any he had ever felt. Normally stepping into Laysan only took a part of the person into the other realm. For the first time he stepped into Laysan completely himself. The sky, which was normally so calm, swirled with the fierceness of a thunderstorm. Thunder rumbled softly in the distance. He gazed around him bewildered. When he turned back to Zarine she was smiling secretively.

She glanced up at the sky. “It’s normally not this bad when I’m here. There are still some secrets Laysan has to reveal to me. But I can guarantee no one will find us here. No one can travel this far in without me.”

Every time Zarine revealed a new ability it left the Council dumbfounded. “But you’re a Fighter. You’re not supposed to be able to do this.”

She almost looked disappointed. “Do you really still think I am a Fighter?” She shrugged her shoulders. “I don’t think the Order of Zarai has a classification for me.” Zarine paused. “But that isn’t why we are here.”

“You’re right,” he answered her. Robert started to pace. “I’m not quite sure where to start.”

“My Father…” she prompted.

“A little before that should do I think.” Robert took a deep breath and then launched into his story.

“The High Council is composed of the best the Order of Zarai has to offer. Six years ago, Anita had a vision. This vision was of a Fighter unlike any we had ever seen before. This Fighter would be stronger than any we had previously encountered. The Order has misplaced a lot of its history over the years, but she was sure the memory of someone this strong would not have been lost. She saw this Fighter using this power to defeat our enemies from the Dark and save the Earth from being invaded.

Visions, as you know can be tricky. The outcomes are not always guaranteed. The slightest change in the people involved can alter their events. Most of us were willing to overlook that particular fact. The war had been going on for centuries with no end in sight. We were all overjoyed that the end might come in our lifetime. However, there was one among us that did not share in our joy. A senior member of the Council, our Seeker, was not as easily convinced as the rest of us that this Fighter would be our salvation. He reminded us all of the unreliable nature of visions. He was afraid of someone who had more power than all of us combined. His number one concern was figuring out how to control this person to obey only the Council. He was afraid of what might happen if they were to rebel against us to join the Dark. He reasoned it might be better to find this person and develop a way to remove their strength. By doing to he would ensure that we would not be put in danger by the Dark. What we failed to convince him was his way could also mean our doom. He would not listen to us, and we believe he did construct the spell.

It is only a matter of luck that he did not find the person the vision spoke of. Our leader passed her in the street one day and knew in a moment who she was and what she would be capable of. He called a meeting with all of the Council except our Seeker. When he relayed the identity of the Fighter we had been waiting for we knew we had to act fast. On that day the Council made one of its hardest decisions. The Seeker must be locked away and hidden from the rest of the world until the final battle was over. I was the one who was given the mission to capture him.

To this day I regret what I had to do, but not the reasons for it. The Seeker had been one of my closest friends and I had to betray him to save everything.

When Donovan was brought onto the Council to be your Leader he was not informed about the fate of his predecessor to protect both of you. I do not know how he learned about what happened, but he recently he discovered the Seeker’s hiding place and freed him. I fear you are in great danger.”

Zarine listened to all of this in silence. Everything made sense to her now. And although Robert had told his story in a way to purposely hide the identity of the Seeker, deep in her heart she knew who he was. “The Seeker is my father.” It was a statement, not a question.

Robert lowered his head. “Yes, James is the Seeker we hid to protect you. There is not a day I do not regret what we had to do.”

“Robert,” Amy said gently. “I am not angry. What you did may have given us the chance we need to save our existence.” She sighed and started pacing. “There is one thing I do not understand. My father knew I had magical abilities. Why did he not guess immediately what I could be when he heard the vision spoken?”

Robert shrugged his shoulders. “I can only guess that your powers had not fully awakened.”

“But his membership on the Council meant he was the very best there is. Jordan has explained the abilities of a Seeker to me. They must be able to detect not only the existing abilities of a person but also the ones they that themselves know nothing about.” The sky of Laysan darkened. “How could he not have seen who I really was?”

“You’ve hidden yourself so very well over the years. Who is to say you were not already unconsciously doing it then.”

Amy turned away from Robert a moment to compose herself. It was a lot to take in. Her most dangerous enemy was now possibly her father, set free by her most trusted ally. Why could life never be simple?