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  1. Everything you read here is copyright to me. It is mine, I wrote it. You did not, don't claim it as your own. =)
  2. I do not want to see any of my writing anywhere else on the net unless I put it there. Please do not copy everything and put it on your site. If you wish to put a small quote on your site, that is fine as long as there is a link back to the main page of my site.
  3. All of the characters and events from the stories are mine. I would like to ask that no one create fan fiction based on my stories. (not that I think anyone would, but trying to cover all the bases here.)
  4. That is it for now. Please be aware that these terms are subject to change without warning as I see fit.

The characters and events in any of my writing are fictious and not based on anyone I know.

A Note regarding the Zarai fragments:

The fragments are in a very rough draft form. I've checked over them for spelling and such, but other than that they are probably in great need of editing. Also, I change my mind a lot when writing, so if there are discrepancies from one fragment to another there's your explanation.

Another Note regarding the Zarai fragments:

Ok, I'm sure anyone who has read the original story and then read the rewrite fragments may be a little confused. Darian is NOT Amy's brother. That is something I changed that made the story a little more interesting for me to write. Another thing, while the original story (OOZ1) badly needs to be rewritten right now I am more concerned with what happens afterward. The basic plot of OOZ1 really isn't going to change much. I know how it ends; I don't know how OOZ2 ends. So right now the characters and I are making that journey together. So what all the rambling means is that fragments of OOZ2 are going to be more plentiful than OOZ1

The Order of Zarai

Original Version
This is the only story I have ever written to completion. I will have to look at the original copy again, but I believe this was done in my first two years of high school. I'm not very happy with it, and am in the process of totally rewriting it.
* *
The Order of Zarai Rewrite The all new hopefully better version!
Order of Zarai Rewrite 1-1  
* *

The Order of Zarai 2

Continuing the story...
Order of Zarai 2-1  
Order of Zarai 2-2  
Order of Zarai 2-3  
Order of Zarai 2-4  
Order of Zarai 2-5  
Order of Zarai 2-6  
Order of Zarai 2-7  
Order of Zarai 2-8  
Order of Zarai 2-9  
* *


Untitled WIP This is a something I have been working on for a while now and have never had the heart to finish. If I remember correctly, the inspiration for this came from a dream.