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27 August 2007

Added Order of Zarai 2-9

26 August 2007

Added some more to Misc WIP

29 April 2007

Added some more disclaimers to the story page and added a few more linke.

26 March 2007

Finally added some links to the links page.

23 March 2007

Added Order of Zarai 2-8

15 March 2007

Just a new layout. Okay, maybe a little more than that. Check out the stories page. =)

24 October 2005

Hmm. something must be wrong with me to update two days in a row =). For your enjoyment today I have a special treat. While I have not begun the actual process of rewriting the Order of Zarai, I have written a few of the scenes that are important to me. I've added one of those to the story page.

23 October 2005

Added an Untitled WIP to the stories page. Not much else. And for anyone who actually reads the stuff I write, sorry for the lack of updates. I do most of my writing by hand, so in order to upload it to the site I have to first type it into a word document. I then copy it into notepad so I can manually enter in all the html tags. Takes a bit of time on my part, and I have to be inspired to do it. I'm hoping I'll come up with a better process for this in the future. Luckliy, I am a fast typer, and have been inspired to pay attention to my web site, so there may be more updates soon. Thanks for reading, and please if you'd like to comment feel free to email me. I'd love to get some feedback. =)

20 August 2005

Added the terms of use to the stories page.

26 July 2005

Nothing to update, really. Just wanted to make a note that most of the site is done, and will hopefully be uploaded tonight.